Update on Court Business as at 17th April 2020

19th April 2020

The Court of Session has issued new Guidance for Outer House, Court of Session Family and Petition cases effective from 21st April 2020 until 10th May 2020 (unless extended). 

Most procedural hearings will now proceed as scheduled. The preferred approach to conducting the hearings will be by teleconference. Hearings may proceed by way of written submissions with the agreement of the court. All documents required for procedural hearings in the Outer House will require to be provided in electronic form.

Where a Party is to appear at a remote hearing whether by videoconference (which will be by WebEx) or teleconference call they will be expected to maintain equivalent standards of behaviour as if they were attending the Court physically and Parties must ensure that they have access to a quiet and secure space for their participation in the remote hearing.

As with other court proceedings, the recording of a court hearing conducted by video or teleconference call is not permitted without the consent of the Court.

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