Lorraine Millson

Lorraine is a partner at Alex Quinn and Partners, an independent firm of law accountants. She has been in the law accountancy profession since 1974 and her firm is one of the most highly regarded firms of law accountants in Scotland. We instruct AQP, at our expense, to prepare accounts for work carried out on behalf of our clients to ensure that all our fees are accurately and fairly assessed. We never rely on automatic billing. Every fee we render is assessed by Lorraine- she reviews what work was done, by whom and prepares a narrative summary together with a breakdown, by time, of what kind of work was done by which member of the team. Our standing instructions to Lorraine are that if she would feel uncomfortable taking any proposed fee to the Auditor of Court for taxation, that she is to restrict that fee to the level that, in her experience, the Auditor would allow as being a fair and reasonable fee.