We are acknowledged experts in Scots Family Law and continue to be in the first tier in The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. 

It’s unlikely that any family law, or issue relating to your private life, is new to us:

  • from cohabitation to marriage to divorce;
  • civil partnership to dissolution;
  • financial provision and financial claims;
  • ex-pat divorce and international family law advice;
  • residence and contact issues;
  • adoption, parental responsibilities and rights;
  • surrogacy and ART to parentage;
  • gender-recognition and equal treatment;
  • relocation and abduction;
  • mediation, collaboration and arbitration;
  • forced marriage and faith based issues;
  • reputation management, orders for privacy and reporting restrictions;
  • inter-generational gifting and family law elements of tax and succession planning;
  • pre-nups and post-nups, pre-cips and post-cips, and cohabitation contracts;
  • paternity and child support;
  • internment and succession claims; trustee protection;
  • even advising film producers on family law.

We’ve done them all, and more besides.

We understand that good legal advice cannot be delivered in a vacuum- our clients expect us to work with their other legal, financial, PR and tax advisors; to be problem-solvers and think strategically; to give them options and advice so that they can take the decisions that affect their lives and those of their family.

But for our clients it’s not enough that we are pro-active and intellectually rigorous professionals. Where the issue is a family one, or one relating to your private life or reputation, to be able to get the most from legal advice you need lawyers who deliver, but with a light touch. Lawyers who work with you- who are accessible, sensitive, discreet and pragmatic; lawyers who are advocates for you- persuasive, tenacious and effective.That amalgam of abilities and qualities is what we are known for and what sets us apart.