Brexit and family law: the challenges and the solutions

24th February 2020

John West was delighted to join colleagues from the Family Lawyers Association of Ireland and the Northern Ireland Family Bar Association at a conference over the weekend in Ireland to discuss the challenges arising from Brexit.  

Even though the UK left the EU on 31 January 2020, we still do not know what the future relationship between the UK and EU will mean for us as family lawyers and the advice we give our clients who, with their families, live across borders or in multiple countries. 

Because we recognise that legal uncertainty is rarely good for clients and their families, the focus of the conference was to try and find ways to help them through this unstable time. 

One of the main points was that no matter what happens in terms of the future relationship it will remain vital for us to maintain working relationships with family law colleagues from around the world.  Our experience is that being able to call upon our network of reliable contacts is the best way to help our clients in international disputes. 

We, as family lawyers, have a responsibility to follow how the future relationship talks proceed and how this impacts on our advice to clients.  This is something that we at SKO will be monitoring closely and reporting on throughout the year.  

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