Covid-19: Looking after our clients and our colleagues

24th March 2020

Since SKO was founded over a decade ago we have had flexible working. We have lawyers who are used to working remotely, and colleagues who are used to supporting them as they do. We have colleagues who work 'normal' office hours, those doing compressed hours and others who work on specific days. Being accessible to our clients and flexing around their needs has always been central to what we do, and how we do it. All of us adjust around what our clients need from us, and that isn’t going to change.

A significant proportion of the people we work with are based outwith Edinburgh or London, can’t come into face-to-face meetings or find it more convenient to work with us by email, phone and videoconferencing. For many people, their interaction with us won’t feel different.

For those clients who have been used to meeting face-to- face with us, we have the experience and capability to support you through a different way of working, which we have had in place for years, and which we can guide you through.

The situation that we find ourselves in with Coronavirus is unprecedented, but our core business has always been working with people in times of crisis: helping them transition to a ‘new normal’ and supporting them when they are scared and uncertain of the future. We will support you through this.

We will post general, relevant information as it becomes available and you can find out more about the practicalities of how we are working during the lockdown here. 

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