Law Society of Scotland Council election: Vote for Susan!

20th May 2020

Susan Oswald is standing for re-election to the Law Society of Scotland Council for Edinburgh. Votes must be received by the Law Society of Scotland by noon tomorrow, Thursday 21 May 2020. You can vote through the sidebar of your personal profile page on the Law Society website here.

Susan's statement as to why she is seeking to be re-elected is below.  

I seek your vote for my re-election as a Law Society of Scotland Council member for the constituency of Edinburgh. I am the only family lawyer standing in this constituency.

I was elected to serve on the Council three years ago. I am also on the Accreditation of Family Law Specialists panel and Professional Practice committee, which is responsible for reviewing conduct matters as well as ensuring that existing rules and guidelines are fit for purpose.

Through my work with the Law Society, I have come to appreciate just how much it does on our behalf, quietly and consistently behind the scenes.

I also recognise that there is much more that can and, flowing from our current circumstances, needs to be done. I am keen to continue playing my part promoting the interests of fellow solicitors. We need to support one another more than ever and ensure we are best placed to respond to the challenges ahead.

Firms have had to restructure and shift to remote working. The costs involved have serious implications for cash-flow as well as for medium and long term sustainability. The recent announcement of the £2.2m package of financial support has been particularly welcome. You can read more about this on my blog here.

We have had to rapidly change the way we work to be able to respond appropriately in a situation where it is not possible to have face to face meetings and all but the most urgent court business has been suspended. The coronavirus update page on the Law Society webpage here provides useful updates and guidance to help navigate through these difficult times.

In this time of uncertainly, of rapid change, and financial difficulties, it is essential that the Law Society offers practical help to the profession and advocates on our behalf so that we, in turn, are able to ensure that our clients continue to have access to justice. I have been proud to have been part of the Council and to have been involved in the important work and decisions that have been made recently.

When we do return to normal, whatever that ‘new’ normal will look like, more than ever the Law Society will have to play an active part in supporting our profession as we tackle the widespread consequences of Covid-19. I am ready and willing to play my part.

Thank you.


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