Rachael Kelsey moderates at HCCH Conference

21st October 2021

Rachael Kelsey was honoured to be asked to moderate the live panel at the Hague Conference on Private International Law Approach Conference on the 1996 Hague Child Protection Convention today.

The conference celebrated the the 25th anniversary of the Convention. The 'Approach' initiative is designed to Advance and Promote the Protection of All Children. 53 States have ratified the Convention and incorporated the provisions of the Convention into their domestic law. It provides jurisdiction rules, so that there is less scope for children to get caught up in multiple litigations- or to fall through the gaps and have no court taking responsibility for their welfare. It also makes it easier to recognise and enforce court orders in different states, and creates a framework for inter-state cooperation, so that courts can get relevant information from other jurisdictions.

The panel included participants from Uruguay, the Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland and England and Wales. You can find recordings of the days presentations, and the panel at the HCCH's YouTube channel here

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