Rachael Kelsey becomes President Elect of IAFL

19th February 2022

Rachael Kelsey has taken over as President Elect of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL). She is the first Scot to be elected to leadership in the IAFL in its nearly 40 year history and will become President of the worldwide association in 2023. 

The IAFL is recognised as the preeminent association of family lawyers.  Membership is by invitation, with individuals seeking fellowship requiring to demonstrate that they are recognised by their peers as one of the most experienced and skilled family law specialists in their respective countries. Membership has grown steadily since formation in 1986, both in terms of the number of countries represented and the overall membership, with the IAFL now having over 940 Fellows around the world, from 67 different countries.

IAFL currently has 4 regional Chapters: a USA Chapter with Fellows from 39 US states; a European Chapter with Fellows from 30 different jurisdictions; an Asia Pacific Chapter with Fellows from 13 different jurisdictions; and a Canadian Chapter with over 50 Fellows. More than 50 IAFL Fellows then practice in other countries spread throughout the rest of the world.

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