Surrogacy- thoughts on 'The Nest'

When I was approached a few months ago by the writer and producers of the new BBC Drama “The Nest” to offer input on the legal issues thrown up by the plot I was delighted to help. The story sees  affluent Glasgow couple Emily and Dan enter into an arrangement with the volatile and mysterious Kayla to carry their child.

But watching the “Gogglebox” families gripped by the first episode reinforced the double-edged nature of dramas such as these. While they have a crucial role to play in raising public awareness of the issues involved, do they create an accurate and helpful impression or do they distort perceptions?

For many of my clients who embark upon surrogacy, it is the final chapter in already long story. Many have already dealt with tragedy, despair and rejection. And while things look like going awry for Emily and Dan, this is not the case for most who embark upon surrogacy. The evidence suggests that the vast majority of surrogacy arrangements do not break down, but produce happy endings for those involved. Yet those who choose to create a family through surrogacy often face hostility – even from medical professionals – based on myths and misconceptions that extreme and dramatic stories can sometimes fuel.

I do hope The Nest is a success. But please bear in mind that for every Emily and Dan there are many, many more for whom surrogacy has been a huge blessing. And there are lots of others who, as we all watch The Nest, are considering embarking upon a surrogacy journey. They need to know that Dan and Emily’s story is not the norm.