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Surrogacy- Parental Orders in Scotland. What is going on?

Many will have seen the positive press coverage today (such as here) around surrogacy and parental orders arising from the research carried out by Dr Kirsty Horsey at the University… Read more

Children (Scotland) Bill: Sec 19 Births Registered Outside the UK

The Children (Scotland) Bill and proposals to change the law on the conferral of parental responsibilities and rights on parents when a birth is registered outside the UK. Read more

Surrogacy: New Caselaw

The decision to enter into a surrogacy arrangement is one which none of the parties involved will take lightly. There is a myriad of ‘what ifs’ to be considered. Read more

Stop The Press- Good News for Fertility Treatment

Today has brought the first glimmer of hope that the storm clouds may be passing for those patiently awaiting to restart fertility treatment. Read more

Surrogacy and Fertility Treatment Update and New Caselaw

Time is the most valuable commodity. For those eager to start a family via assisted reproduction, time is priceless. Read more

COVID-19 and assisted reproduction: yet another obstacle to parenthood

Among the many groups of people to be hit particularly hard by the current COVID-19 pandemic, spare a thought for those who are seeking to start a family using assisted… Read more

Surrogacy- thoughts on 'The Nest'

When I was approached a few months ago by the writer and producers of the new BBC Drama “The Nest” to offer input on the legal issues thrown up by… Read more