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UPDATE on Deprivation of Liberty (DOLs) cases between Scotland and England and Wales

* UPDATE * The Extra Division of the Inner House of the Court of Session issued a Note shortly before Christmas in the case of City of Wolverhampton Council and ors… Read more

Civil Partnership- a New Option for Straight People

The first opposite sex civil partnerships can take place in Scotland from today and I can see that at least one couple are now officially empartnered- a couple from Fife,… Read more

Taking Account Of The Views Of Children and M v C

In court actions relating to children the practice of seeking the child’s views before a decision is made is well established. Read more

Be Part Of Shaping The Law!

Attention to detail is often the difference between something good and something great. Read more

Scots Law Incorporates the UNCRC- Time to Revisit the Age to Marry?

Today the Scottish Parliament voted unanimously to incorporate the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) into Scots law. Read more

Legal Aid in Child Law Arbitration- Nearly There!

Just in time for the tenth birthday of FLAGS (the Family Arbitration Group Scotland) next month, earlier this week we saw a huge development in arbitration in child law matters. Read more

Legal Aid for FLAGS Family Law Arbitration?

In the minutes following the passing into law of the Children (Scotland) Act 2020 it's curious to be saying that we can't be completely sure whether we are going to have… Read more

Children (Scotland) Bill- soon to be Act

The Children (Scotland) Bill goes before the full Parliament today for the final vote on the detailed amendments and on whether the Bill will become law. Read more

Civil Partnerships for All in Scotland

A "unique, special and personal moment" was how Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan described registration of their civil partnership at the turn of 2020. Read more

NEWSFLASH- Villiers v Villiers Supreme Court Decision

The long-awaited Supreme Court judgment in Villiers v Villiers [2020] UKSC 30 has been handed down this morning. Read more

Children (Scotland) Bill: Sections 12 and 21- Principles Underpinning Orders

The seventh post in our series on the Children (Scotland) Bill looks at sections 12 and 21, which deal with the extension of general principles that underpin the making of… Read more

Children (Scotland) Bill: Secs 8 & 13 Child Welfare Reporters & Curators

In this, our sixth post on the Children (Scotland) Bill, Susan Oswald looks at two sections of the Bill- those that relate to child welfare reporters and curators ad litem. Read more

Children (Scotland) Bill: Sec 20 Enforcement Powers for Orders From Outwith Scotland

What do you do if you have an English, or Northern Irish, court order and your child ends up in Scotland? Whilst many people know that there are three distinct legal… Read more

Children (Scotland) Bill: Sec 19 Births Registered Outside the UK

The Children (Scotland) Bill and proposals to change the law on the conferral of parental responsibilities and rights on parents when a birth is registered outside the UK. Read more

Legal Aid for Family Law Arbitration and the Children (Scotland) Bill UPDATED

Could we be about to see legal aid for arbitration in family law cases?  Margaret Mitchell, MSP for Central Scotland and Convener of the Justice Committee, has an amendment to the… Read more

Children (Scotland) Bill- an Overview

Yesterday in the first blog of our series on the Children (Scotland) Bill we gave you some background on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Read more

The Children (Scotland) Bill and the UNCRC

There are big changes to child law in Scotland coming. Read more