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Civil Partnership- a New Option for Straight People

The first opposite sex civil partnerships can take place in Scotland from today and I can see that at least one couple are now officially empartnered- a couple from Fife,… Read more

Marriage and cohabitation: protecting people from systemic economic inequality

Trudging my lockdown walk route for the fiftieth time, the monotony was relieved by witnessing the intense outrage of a small child whose prized stick had been forcibly removed by… Read more

Time for a Change for Marriage Law?

Divorce lawyers really shouldn’t blog about weddings: it’s like looking at the view through the wrong end of a telescope. Read more

Getting Married in Lockdown

I get asked about how to get divorced a lot, but am not often asked about how to get married. Read more

The Right to Unmarry?

'The Right to Unmarry?'- this week saw a most unusual marriage proposal, delivered in an abstract for an academic paper. Read more