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A Woman’s Work is Never…… Properly Quantified on Divorce?

There was a flurry of media comment recently about a judgment in a Chinese divorce case in which a Beijing divorce court ordered a man to compensate his wife for… Read more

NEWSFLASH- Villiers v Villiers Supreme Court Decision

The long-awaited Supreme Court judgment in Villiers v Villiers [2020] UKSC 30 has been handed down this morning. Read more

Remote Notarisation- getting divorce moving again

The Law Society of Scotland have published new Guidance today which will allow affidavits and simplified divorce applications to be notarised remotely. Read more

Separated with a Spanish Property?

If you had enough money to buy a second home abroad, where would it be? The results of our survey* are in. Scots choose Spain. Read more

Divorce, Anxiety and Brent Crude

With family in the oil industry, having lived in Aberdeen in the 1970’s, and with my family all back there now, I notice the price per barrel of Brent Crude… Read more

The Right to Unmarry?

'The Right to Unmarry?'- this week saw a most unusual marriage proposal, delivered in an abstract for an academic paper. Read more