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The Role of the Edinburgh Agent in a Post-Pandemic world

I have been reflecting on the decision of Lady Wise in HAJ -v- NJ & Others published last month. Read more

Children (Scotland) Bill: Sections 12 and 21- Principles Underpinning Orders

The seventh post in our series on the Children (Scotland) Bill looks at sections 12 and 21, which deal with the extension of general principles that underpin the making of… Read more

Children (Scotland) Bill- an Overview

Yesterday in the first blog of our series on the Children (Scotland) Bill we gave you some background on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Read more

The Children (Scotland) Bill and the UNCRC

There are big changes to child law in Scotland coming. Read more

Remote Notarisation- getting divorce moving again

The Law Society of Scotland have published new Guidance today which will allow affidavits and simplified divorce applications to be notarised remotely. Read more

Lawyers as problem solvers

“It is said that Lincoln was a skilled lawyer and a formidable opponent in the court room. Read more

The Secret To Great Advocacy- Coronavirus Special

What is the secret of great advocacy? In the early days of my career in the law I used to sit in the public gallery at Dumfries Sheriff Court and watch… Read more

Access to Justice- English style

The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary Service in England and Wales have just published the 4th Edition of The Remote Access Family Court, by Mr Justice MacDonald. Read more

Who cares if the courts are shut?

Why should anyone be bothered if the civil courts are shut?  It’s only a few unreasonable people who benefit from them anyway, right?  Wrong. Read more

The Coronavirus (Scotland) Act and Access to Justice

It has often been observed that some of the most significant scientific and social breakthroughs - from radar and the internet to women’s suffrage - have been birthed through the… Read more

Can Skype give you 'your day in court'?

I’ve been musing again on the importance of both substantive justice and procedural justice (bear with me). Read more

Domestic abuse and COVID-19

“Stay home, save lives”, the public health message that was spread to all UK households to encourage compliance with the nationwide lockdown, in place since last week. Read more

COVID-19 and urgent applications to the Court

I sent an urgent application for adoption with supporting documentation to the Court of Session on Thursday- I really wasn't sure what was going to happen, especially when the Guidance… Read more