Rachael Kelsey participates in Hague Conference Parentage Working Group

17th November 2023

Rachael Kelsey represented IAFL at the first session of the Hague Conference on Private International Law Working Group on Parentage and Surrogacy. The Working Group is considering draft provisions for a new Convention that would be designed to provide greater predictability, certainty and continuity of legal parentage in international situations, and which would cover legal parentage generally, including legal parentage resulting from an international surrogacy agreement.

The Working Group was attended by 54 participants, representing 49 delegates from 30 Members of the Hague Conference and with five participants from three Observers. Rachael participated in the Experts' Group, who were convened to explore the feasibility of advancing work in this area, and whose work lead to the formation of the Working Group. 

The Working Group will meet again in 2024. The report of the meeting can be found here

If you have any questions about surrogacy or parentage you can contact, Robert Gilmour, who leads our Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction Team, and you can find his details here

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