IAFL President's Report for 2023

22nd December 2023

At the end of the year that Rachael Kelsey was elected President of the IAFL, she has penned a report on some of the recent activities of the Academy, which can be found here

SKO is the only firm in Scotland to have more than one fellow elected to IAFL- election requires peer review and recommendation that you are recognised as one of the most skilled and experienced family lawyers in your jurisdiction.

A significant proportion of our practice involves matters where there are cross-border or jurisdictional issues: sometimes within the UK, for example, where children are removed from England and Wales to Scotland, or where there are divorce proceedings in Scotland and England and Wales; sometimes where one of more of the parties has long-standing connections to Scotland, but where they live abroad and can't access divorce in the place they are living; there are also situations where there is a need to enforce orders from a court outwith Scotland here, or simply when there are assets abroad, like pensions or property. 

If there are cross-border issues for you, you can contact Rachael or Alison to see if we can help.

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