Divorce, Anxiety and Brent Crude

With family in the oil industry, having lived in Aberdeen in the 1970’s, and with my family all back there now, I notice the price per barrel of Brent Crude... Read more

Fruitful Language- The Right Tools For The Job

There’s been a surprising level of interest in metaphors in recent days. Read more

Access to Justice- English style

The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary Service in England and Wales have just published the 4th Edition of The Remote Access Family Court, by Mr Justice MacDonald. Read more

COVID-19: Domestic & Elder Abuse Contact details

This is a practical update on how to get help if you are experiencing domestic abuse (or are someone who is concerned about, or has witnessed abuse, neglect or financial... Read more

Mediation in the time of Corona- resolving things remotely

At a time when you feel that normal life is on hold, yet your personal circumstances are in freefall, mediation can allow you and your ex-partner or spouse to take... Read more

COVID-19 and assisted reproduction: yet another obstacle to parenthood

Among the many groups of people to be hit particularly hard by the current COVID-19 pandemic, spare a thought for those who are seeking to start a family using assisted... Read more

Who gets the pet?

One of the regrets of my pre-COVID-19 life is that I did not adopt a cat before we entered lockdown – especially, when I see my colleague’s feline friends appear... Read more

Who cares if the courts are shut?

Why should anyone be bothered if the civil courts are shut?  It’s only a few unreasonable people who benefit from them anyway, right?  Wrong. Read more

Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control

How do we protect against Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control in Scotland, and how do we compare to other countries? The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018 (which came into force just... Read more

The Coronavirus (Scotland) Act and Access to Justice

It has often been observed that some of the most significant scientific and social breakthroughs - from radar and the internet to women’s suffrage - have been birthed through the... Read more

Revenge Porn

Why would a divorce lawyer warn you about revenge porn during lockdown (well, any more than they would normally)? Lots of people will think that this article doesn’t apply to them-... Read more

No gains, no losses? Capital Gains Tax and separation

Today is the last day of the tax year and family lawyers across the country are breathing a sigh of relief. Read more

The Right to Unmarry?

'The Right to Unmarry?'- this week saw a most unusual marriage proposal, delivered in an abstract for an academic paper. Read more

Lockdown and children moving between homes

For many of my clients the current “lockdown” has had immediate implications for arrangements for contact with their children. Read more

Can Skype give you 'your day in court'?

I’ve been musing again on the importance of both substantive justice and procedural justice (bear with me). Read more

Domestic abuse and COVID-19

“Stay home, save lives”, the public health message that was spread to all UK households to encourage compliance with the nationwide lockdown, in place since last week. Read more

Working from home (with kids)

It’s two weeks on from leaving our comfortable George Street office to work from home. Read more

Cohabitation cases and the impact of coronavirus

Self-isolation is something that most of us will be struggling with, even if you are lucky enough to be living in a close, loving family unit. Read more

COVID-19 and urgent applications to the Court

I sent an urgent application for adoption with supporting documentation to the Court of Session on Thursday- I really wasn't sure what was going to happen, especially when the Guidance... Read more

Surrogacy- thoughts on 'The Nest'

When I was approached a few months ago by the writer and producers of the new BBC Drama “The Nest” to offer input on the legal issues thrown up by... Read more